The Second SPO: launching instructions of Idle Cyber

Tok Tok Tok!!!
This is the time for the Boom 

Idle Cyber’s SPO will be officially launched on Starpad on November 1st, 2021. Here are some milestones of Idle Cyber’s SPO on Starpad:

  • Lock starts: 00:00 UTC on October 27th, 2021  
  • Pool starts: 14:00 UTC on November 1st, 2021

Each user must lock a fixed amount of $SRP token on Starpad at least 24 hours before the SPO begins to get their equivalent tier. Detailed instructions can be found below:

  1. Access Starpad via
  2. Connect your BEP-20 wallet on Starpad
  3. Lock your $SRP on Starpad following this instructions video:
  1. After locking your $SRP, you will get your equivalent tier following the below structure:
  • Tier UNIVERSAL : Lock/Stake 200,000 $SRP
  • Tier GALAXY: Lock/Stake 100,000 $SRP
  • Tier SOLAR: Lock/Stake 25,000 $SRP
  • Tier EARTH: Lock/Stake 10,000 $SRP
  • Tier FCFS: Lock/Stake 2,000 $SRP
  1. Join in the SPO pool that you want to contribute. Bear in mind that if you click the “Unlock” button before the TGE date, you will be disqualified from participating in SPO on Starpad. 
  2.  There will be a detailed timeline for each tier allocation pool to participate in the token sale. In the case, your tier is FCFS, you will have to join in the FCFS Round. If your tier is Solar or Earth, you can join in one or both your tier of Guaranteed allocation pool and FCFS. If your tier is Universal or Galaxy, your allocation will be definitely guaranteed to contribute.
  3. After your allocation payment is completed, you will be recorded as a purchaser. Click the “Claim TGE” button to claim the first token batch released. The remaining tokens will be able to be claimed following the vesting schedule.
  4. After unlock button is clicked, you have to follow 14 days unbounding to be able to claim your locked $SRP. And you will be unprivileged any tiers on Starpad’s Tier System. It means that you have no privilege to join any SPO in next 14 days.

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