Exclusive Benefit for Starpad’s tier members: Quasar NFT (BEP-1155) Reward

We are thrilled to announce that the Starpad has now been successfully upgraded to implant more value for all the tiered members. Special rewards for Starpad tiered members will be Quasar – an exceptionally superior NFT built on the BEP-1155 standard. This feature of Starpad will be officially launched at 8AM UTC, Jan 15th 2022.

Details are as follows:

TierQuasars / claimCooldown
Universal66072 hours
Galaxy27072 hours
Solar5472 hours
Earth1872 hours
FCFS372 hours

Conditions of participation: Every member who have tiered.

Important note: If you have unlocked your $SRP tokens, you will not be able to join in this feature.

What is Quasar?

Quasar is an extremely bright celestial body located deep in the universe and contains infinite power. (read more about our Starpad Tier System)

  • Ticker: QUASAR
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Token Standard: BEP-1155
  • Total supply: Unlimited
  • Contract: Updating

Quasars holders will be able to participate in many exciting Starpad events in the near future and also be able to receive a lot of valuable rewards. This number of quasars depends on your rank in SPO, the higher tier the higher Quasars you get. 

Claiming instruction:

*The figures in the video are for illustrative purposes only

What is BEP-1155 Standard? 

  • BEP-1155 is the multi-token standard for smart contracts that combines the fungibility of BEP-20 and the non-fungibility of BEP-721 or even Semi-Fungible in one contract.
  • BEP-1155 can use a single contract to generate many different types of NFTs, so this cuts gas fees by up to 90%. This Standard is Perfect for Blockchain Games and Gamification systems of platforms.
  • The BEP-1155 token standard allows users to transfer multiple tokens to the same wallet address in a single transaction. This helps users save costs and time compared to sending tokens one by one. At the same time, users can also save mint fees when they can mint many NFT tokens with a single transaction.

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