Partnership Announcement: Starpunk x Demole

We are delighted to announce the strategic partnership of Starpunk and Demole – The first playable 3D RPG game in the NFT ecosystem.

Demole is a 3D Metaverse Game in which players can connect through the connecting portal to play in different Demole game modes & walk into the other games in the world of Metaverse. It represents the next iteration of play to earn for investors, creating value with its unique gaming properties.

Apart from a comprehensive storyline and fascinating 3D graphic design, here are some unique Play-to-Earn features which the players can experience in Demole’s game:

  • Training Ground: Let your monsters practice at the training ground to increase their level and $DMLG tokens even if you are not online
  • World Bosses: Team up with other players to defeat the World Boss and receive valuable rewards
  • Marketplace: Buy, sell, and trade unique monsters/items with other players
  • Daily Quests: Complete daily missions and participate in mini-games for surprising rewards
  • Arena: Compete with other players in the arena ranking for the exclusive rewards

Through this collaboration, Starpunk and Demole will support each other in the cross-marketing efforts to expand both team’s global communities and brand coverage, as well as join hands in launching Demole’s Mystery NFT Box Sale event on Starpad. Detailed information regarding this event will be announced soon; Stay tuned and follow up with the latest news on our social media! 

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