Incubate Spotlight: My Meta Farm

As we have known for a long time in the development direction of Starpunk, we will provide various types of support services for game projects in various stages of game development. Recently, Starpunk has played a supporting role in the project during the SPO stages, and distributed NFT products of Game projects to the Starpunk community.

Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into Starpunk’s role with the project, the Incubator role.

And the next project that Starpunk is an Incubator that we want to introduce to you today is an attractive game project with great potential for development: My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a fun farming game, applying the NFT economic model in the game based on the blockchain platform, developed by the experienced team of EastFog Studios. My Meta Farm offers a diverse journey of exploration and interaction in the game’s open world, easy access to the basics of blockchain to convert rewards into fiat currency, will help players have completely new gaming experience and can monetize the game.

Approachable and fun, My Meta Farm promises to be the FIRST 3D game for both casual gamers through its Relaxing Gaming, Social Interaction and Play-To-Monetization models. Earn & Learn-For-Reward.

In its new role with projects, Starpunk will support project implementation from the ground up, in the areas of strategic planning, engineering elements and community development, and certainly will be indispensable for SPO events, NFT distribution,…

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