Partnership Announcement: Starpunk x Realms of Ethernity 

We are delighted to announce Starpunk’s latest partnership with Realms of Ethernity – A World of Warcraft-inspired, Web3, Massively Multiplayer Online Simulation Game (MMOSG) teeming with hundreds of play-to-earn games. Both teams will join hands together to bring out a whole new level of Blockchain Gaming experience for the global users in the most creative and profitable way. 

Inside Realms of Ethernity, players will explore dungeons, fight monsters and complete quests, collecting along the way $GCS, an in-game currency that represents fungible tokens that can be exchanged for existing or non-fungible tokens (items within the game). The players will be able to experience a fascinating & unique MMORPG gameplay with these following features: 

  • PvP Combat: Defeat other players & Loot their valuable items for yourself 
  • Life/Death System 
  • Clan System: Join the Clan and Conquer every tough dungeons/quests during your in-game journey 
  • Attributes System: Upgrade your character’s attributes following your own strategy and become the mightiest in RoE World. 
  • Criminality System: Kill your enemies, Become a wanted outlaw hunted by other players 
  • Diverse Skills System: Spread out your skill points into as many skills that you want or create a powerful build with 8 skills maxed out at 90 points. 

Thanks to this strategic alliance, Starpunk & Realms of Ethernity will support each other in the marketing efforts to expand the brand awareness and the global communities of both sides, as well as help them consolidate the initial player base and accelerate their upcoming game launch into the global market. More importantly, Realms of Ethernity will also conduct their Public Sale through a SPO Event on Starpad for everyone to join in the upcoming stages. Detailed information will be announced soon – Stay tuned and Follow up with the latest announcements on our social media! 

About Realms of Ethernity 

Realms of Ethernity is a World of Warcraft-inspired, Web3, Massively Multiplayer Online Simulation Game (MMOSG) teeming with hundreds of play-to-earn games.







About Starpunk

Starpunk is the all-in-one, decentralized incubator, cloud solutions provider, and launch ecosystem for NFT Gaming startups. We empower game developers, token buyers, and players to build a blockchain-based economy, accelerate the introduction of new NFT Games into the market through our Game Launchpad, and allow projects incubated by Starpunk to launch their own white-labeled NFT Marketplace.

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