🔆s6k Finance partners with SPACE ID.

We are excited to announce a new integration partnership between s6k Finance and SPACE ID, two innovative blockchain companies joining forces to drive the growth of web3 technology.

The collaboration will involve joint development efforts to build new features and services that can benefit both companies’ users. This includes exploring the use of blockchain technology to create new opportunities for fundraising and investment, as well as developing new tools and services to enhance the management of web3 domains.

SPACE ID Grant Program

SPACE ID recently launched an event called the Space ID Grant program, a long-term funding initiative aimed at fostering innovation in the blockchain community. Open to projects based on BNB Chain, Arbitrum One, or Nova that integrate SPACE ID domains, the program supports two categories: domain integration and building on the SPACE ID ecosystem. The program offers grants ranging from $200-$5,000, with evaluations based on daily active users, integration utility, and integration strength. The first application window runs from May to July, with project selection and grant distribution every 2-4 weeks. Technical support, documentation, and monthly Mentor AMA sessions are provided for assistance.

s6k Finance will be participating in the SPACE ID Grant Program as a support partner. we will work with SPACE ID to communicate information about the Grant Program to a wide audience through various media channels, including their website, social media, email marketing, advertising, and other channels. s6k Finance will ensure that the information about the Grant Program is communicated to the right audience and through the right channels, thereby increasing awareness and visibility of the Grant Program. Through media support, we aim to contribute to the success of the Grant Program and support the growth of the blockchain community.

Focus on SEA (Southeast Asia) Market

The partnership will also focus on building a strong community of developers and users in the SEA region, which will help drive the growth of the blockchain ecosystem in the area.

Together, s6k Finance and SPACE ID will leverage each other’s expertise to provide a seamless and enhanced web3 experience for users. We believe that this partnership will drive innovation and create new opportunities for the blockchain community. With SPACE ID‘s universal name service network and one-stop identity platform and s6k Finance’s multi-platform on the Arbitrum blockchain and fundraising platform, we are confident that this collaboration will advance the frontier of web3 technology in the SEA market.

Thank you for your continued support as we work towards a more decentralized, transparent, and accessible future.


SPACE ID is building a universal name service network with a one-stop identity platform to discover, register, trade, manage web3 domains. It also includes a Web3 Name SDK & API for developers across blockchains and provides a multi-chain name service for everyone to easily build and create a web3 identity.

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About s6k Finance

s6k Finance is a multi-platform on the Arbitrum blockchain. We are providing a fundraising platform that allows projects to reach investors more easily as well as providing attractive investment opportunities for all investors.
In addition to the launchpad, we have also released several new features for users. One of the most notable ones is the Swap Tokens function, which enables users to buy, sell, and explore tokens on the platform. Additionally, s6k Finance has also launched a Crypto Payment feature designed for layers, branding, specialized or traditional industries, and retailers. The feature offers fast crypto transactions, cost-effectiveness, cross-border crypto payments, and high-security levels.

We have also migrated SPACE ID SDK to our platform, enabling users with Space ID domains to display them on s6k’s homepage when connecting their wallets.

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