Gunstar Metaverse’s GEO Event on Starpunk NFT Marketplace: Detailed timeline and instructions on How to purchase Genesis Eggs [Updated]

Here comes the Big Bang! Gunstar Metaverse’s Genesis Eggs Offering on Starpunk is ready to be launched on January 8th, 2022. To make sure that everyone will be well-prepared for this significant event, please refer to the detailed timeline and instruction on How to participate in Gunstar Metaverse’s Genesis Eggs Offering below:

Details of Gunstar Metaverse’s Genesis Eggs Offering:

  • $SRP Locking deadline: 14:00 UTC, January 7th, 2022
  • Genesis Eggs Offering starts: 14:00 UTC, January 8th, 2021
  • Total Genesis Eggs Quantity: 1,000 Eggs
  • No. of Pet NFTs per Egg: 2 Pet NFTs
  • Price per Egg: $199
  • Accepted currency: BUSD
  • Where to buy: TBA
  • Maximum Egg purchased per user: 18 Eggs

In this event, there are 6 kinds of Pet NFT 

In this event, there are 3 rarity classes and 6 kinds of Pet NFT which the buyers can randomly obtain if they hatch their Genesis Eggs, including:

  1. Rarity class – Elite:
  • Bawaving
  1. Rarity class – Rare:
  • Horiding
  • Sniffing
  1. Rarity class – Normal:
  • Radenting
  • Woffuring
  • Pifating

Every Genesis Egg is the same but each kind of Pet NFT will have a certain rate to be successfully obtained by the Egg buyers following their rarity class. Details as follow:

  • Elite – Including Bawaving: 2.37% (each)
  • Rare – Including Horiding & Sniffing: 16.67% (each)
  • Normal – Including Radenting, Woffuring, Pifating: 21.43% (each)

In order to provide everyone with a great and equal chance to participate in this event, the total amount of Genesis Eggs available for Gunstar Metaverse’s GEO on Starpunk will be distributed following Starpad’s tier system below:

TierPercent in totalType of purchaseMaximum Eggs purchased per Buyer (Updated) Actual quantity (Updated)
Universal15%Guaranteed purchase18216
Galaxy7.5%Guaranteed purchase9117
Solar20%Guaranteed purchase2266
Earth15%Guaranteed purchase1213
Backup22.5%This is the reserved Genesis Eggs amount in case the number of participants in the guaranteed pools is higher than expected. 

The reserved Genesis Eggs will be gradually distributed for extra participants of each guaranteed allocation pool following this order: Universal > Galaxy >Solar > Earth > FCFS.

If the number of participants in any guaranteed pool exceeds the backup Genesis Eggs amount that we have reserved, all the participants in that pool will have to purchase in FCFS.

In order to fully prepare for our community before our special events, the Starpunk team has come up with detailed instructions on How to participate in GEO following the steps below:

*The figures in the video are for illustrative purposes only

Conditions of participation: New members who lock their $SRP tokens before 14:00 PM UTC, Jan 7th, 2022 or the members participating in the Tier System for previous SPO events who have not unlocked their $SRP token yet.

Important note: If you have unlocked your $SRP tokens, you will not be able to participate in this event.

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