Kaki Protocol’s seed box sales event on Starpunk: Detailed timeline and instructions on How to purchase

One of the most wanted events is coming up on Starpunk over the next 24 hours. That is Kaki Protocol’s seed box sales event. The sale will be conducted at 14:00 UTC, Jan 12th 2022. Now you can lock your $SRP token to the pool to get you a suitable tier.

To make sure that everyone will be well-prepared for this significant event, please refer to the detailed timeline and instruction below:

Details of Kaki Protocol’s seed box sales:

  • $SRP Locking deadline: 08:00 UTC, January 12th, 2022
  • Seed Box Sales starts: 14:00 UTC, January 12th, 2022
  • Total Seed box Quantity: 100 boxes
  • Price per Box: $250
  • Accepted currency: BUSD
  • Where to buy: https://starpunk.io/nft-sales/kaki
  • Maximum Boxes purchased per user: 02 boxes

The value

  1. LP Mining Boost: Unlike most collectible NFTs, KAKIER NFT is a functional NFT that can be used to boost mining by up to 50%.
  2. Exclusive Prize Pool: NFT holders have a special right to divide an additional prize pool, the total amount of this prize pool is more than 500,000 USD.
  3. More chances: The squid game has an official bonus pool every week, where you can win up to more than 77 times the earnings, with a weekly hard cap of 70 people.NFT holders can have a greater chance of participating.
  4. Strong liquidity: NFT can be used for trading, leasing and mortgage in the future, so it has high liquidity.

In order to provide everyone with a great and equal chance to participate in this event, the total amount of Seed Boxes available will be distributed following Starpad’s tier system below:

TierType of purchaseMaximum Boxes purchased per BuyerTier quantity 

In order to fully prepare for our community before our special events, the Starpunk team has come up with detailed instructions on How to participate in Box sales following the steps below:

*The figures in the video are for illustrative purposes only

Conditions of participation: New members who lock their $SRP tokens before 08:00 PM UTC, Jan 12th, 2022 or the members participating in the Tier System for previous SPO events who have not unlocked their $SRP token yet.

Important note: If you have unlocked your $SRP tokens, you will not be able to participate in this event.

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